[Equest-users] Load Distribution for Under FLoor Air

Lam, Linda linda.lam at sf.fk.com
Thu Jul 24 11:53:04 PDT 2008

Dear Fellow eQuest Users:


I am trying to model Under Floor Air and I have a question regarding
modeling the load distribution.  Based on the guidelines by Energy
Design Resources (http://www.energydesignresources.com/resource/201/)
it seems as if the lighting, equipment, people and solar loads should be
proportioned between the space and the plenum.  I understand that
fraction of light heat can be assigned an input but what is the best way
to split up the equipment, people and solar heat?


For equipment, I was considering the following approach:  Multiply the
EPD by 85%, and use that as the EPD for the space.  Then multiply EPD by
15% and use that EPD for the plenum.  I would have to assign a schedule
to the plenum, but does anyone know if eQuest will still account for the
heat gain in the plenum if it is unconditioned?


For people, I would do the same as above but multiply the Total Heat
Gain (ie 450 Btu/h) by the appropriate %.


For solar..?


I'd appreciate any comments and suggestions- Thanks in advance!



Linda Lam


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