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Hey Andrew,

If you haven't read the Simulation Basics and Tour/Overview section in the Introductory Tutorial file, I would definitely suggest that to get an idea of the theoretical workings of the program.  I did not start with a course and am by no means an expert as some others on this forum are, but this forum is an invaluable help to equest learners.  Use as much as you need.  You should not have any trouble saving in the SD wizard-you just have to press "Finish" on the navigator first.  A lot of the Help screens are evidently undeveloped as of yet, but this list is helpful.  Just play around with the program though.  Good luck,


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Dear Everyone:

I tried simulating a hypothetical house by just using the tutorial as guide.  Lots of basic problems.  The "Help" button usually comes up with nothing on the topic.  I can't save my work so I can return to the SD Wizard.  I was told this program was easy to use.  Did you all start with a Training Course?  Any info and guidance is much appreciated.  Thanks


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