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Nathan Miller nathanm at rushingco.com
Fri Oct 17 10:27:25 PDT 2008

There is some great information from the DOE Building America program. It
is geared towards residential, but there is load data for many different
appliances and pieces of electronic equipment, including standby and
operating mode energy consumption. 


Go to:


There is all kinds of good info here, but I recommend in particular
scrolling down to the "Performance Analysis Data Files and Tools" section
and downloading the "New Construction Miscellaneous Electric Load (MEL)
Analysis Spreadsheet". Make sure you click through all the tabs to get a
full understanding of the data. 


Nathan Miller, PE, LEEDR AP

Senior Energy Engineer/Mechanical Engineer

direct: 206.788.4577

fax: 206.285.7111 

www.rushingco.com <http://www.rushingco.com/> 


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Hello eQUEST Users,

Does anyone have a good source for appliance ratings for plug load

Example, nameplate rating of laser printer will not take into account
standby power and operation power, so if using nameplate will overestimate
plug load energy consumption. Is there are reliable source for plug load
estimation that is not simply nameplate ratings?

Thank You,

Niko Michael Kalinic
University of Colorado
Building Systems Program
kalinic at colorado.edu
cell: (303)887-5685

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