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The great thing about submitting information on plug loads to rating
authorities is you only need to meet 25% of baseline.  Only general
guidelines are used for inputting unregulated load such as per space type.
>From my understanding, if you do want to submit energy cost savings for
specific equipment you would need power requirements for the specified
equipment and equally as such for an older model of same type equipment on
the market.  Now, you may consider an energy star computer over an older,
refurbished computer and submit the power requirements on each and see a
savings of the difference of the two over 25%.


Considering standby and normal or abnormal occupant use, it is probably best
to go with the standard schedules provided in the DOE generated analysis
software for both design and baseline case models.  If you wish to obtain
savings via occupant behavior you will also need to submit this to the
council and understand further clarification or appeal process may be needed
before approval.


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The EnergyStar website has a number of spreadsheets for energy savings
calculations. It looks like they have a separate spreadsheet for every
product category that they regulate, but I didn't check all of them. Here is
a link specific to printers:






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Hello eQUEST Users,

Does anyone have a good source for appliance ratings for plug load

Example, nameplate rating of laser printer will not take into account
standby power and operation power, so if using nameplate will overestimate
plug load energy consumption. Is there are reliable source for plug load
estimation that is not simply nameplate ratings?

Thank You,

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