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Sun Apr 19 08:36:19 PDT 2009

I am new to eQuest and to this list serve. Can anyone help me configure my first project?
1) The baseline model is using rooftop units - DX coils with gas furnace for heating and the respective zones will have VAV boxes with electric reheat. 2) The first alternate run will have the same rooftop units- DX gas furnace and VAV boxes but with hot water coil reheat(instead of electric) and a condensing boiler. 4) The third alternate run will have the same setup but with an energy recovery system. 
Wizard screen 1 or 19 are not giving me the options for these setups. In the EEM(SD&DD) Whole Site Building option , when ever I change the VAV reheat the main rooftop unit heating, which sould remain as gas furnace, changes as well. I'd really appreciate your help.

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