[Equest-users] Automatic assignment of parameters based on space name?

James Hansen JHANSEN at ghtltd.com
Tue Dec 22 13:43:35 PST 2009

I may be asking something that isn't possible, but was wondering if
anyone has ever successfully created code to automatically assign
parameters to a space based on the Space Name.


I know how to create parameters and assign them manually to spaces (so
that I can change, for example, the lighting density of all "office"
spaces with only a couple key strokes).  But I would love to be able to
automatically have eQuest assign these parameters based on a specific
string of characters in that particular space's name.


As an example:


When I set up a building with lots of different space uses and hundreds
of zones, in order to keep track of which zone is which, I'll often add
strings to the end of the space names.


So I might change "EL1 South Perim Spc (G.S1)" to "EL1 South Perim Spc
(G.S1) - Office"


I then might have parameters set up as follows:


OfficeLighting = 1.0

OfficePlugs = 1.25

OfficeOccupancy = 143


Although this helps, I still have to make sure I assign the right
parameters to the right space types, and also assign the right
occupancy, lighting, equipment, infiltration, etc schedules to the
space.  And if that space changes use, I have to reassign everything.


If there was some way to automatically assign all of the office
parameters and schedules to a space based on whether the "Office" string
appeared in the name, it would be awesome.


I realize that this may be a trade secret that people aren't likely to
give up, but if anyone has done this and doesn't mind sharing, I'd
appreciate it!


I'm guessing that regardless of the code used, it would probably be
something where eQuest would load the code every time the project is
opened, and that if you changed a space name within eQuest, you'd
probably have to reopen for it to take effect.  That would still save
time though....


Thanks in advance!


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