[Equest-users] Custom pitched roof manipulation

Caleb Bulow cbulow at prengr.net
Thu Dec 10 06:50:14 PST 2009

Well, I won't say anything about polygons, but I'm not sure if this will
be much better than that.  You do have to edit the *.pd2 file.


Open your *.pd2 file in notepad or some other text editor.


Search for 'HasPitchedRoof'


You will see something like the following:


   HasPitchedRoof = 1

   RoofEndIsGable[4] = 1

   RoofEndIsGable[8] = 0

   RoofEndIsGable[12] = 1

   RoofEndIsGable[18] = 1



It may look a little complicated, and that is because it is - but not
insurmountable.  The numbers in the brackets correspond to the vertices
on the custom roof.  A vertices is a point on the roof where two lines
meet, like at each corner.  In your drawing below, it could be that
vertices 1 is on the lower left corner; vertices 2 would be on the lower
right corner; vertices 3 - upper right; vertice 4 - where the dormer
attaches to the main roof; etc.  So in the code above, RoofEndlsGable[4]
references the fourth vertices of the roof layout.  It is set to equal
1, which means that roof end is a gable end.  RoofEndlsGable[8] is a
sloped roof end.


Now, let me assign vertices to your roof and give an example of what
your code would be and what you should change it to.




Each vertices is at a corner.  Notice the vertices increment in a
counter-clockwise direction.  This is the way e-Quest works.  Your code
would look like the following:


   HasPitchedRoof = 1

   RoofEndIsGable[1] = 0        *This line might not be in your code. 

   RoofEndIsGable[2] = 1

   RoofEndIsGable[5] = 1

   RoofEndIsGable[8] = 1


You would have to edit the code to something like the following:


HasPitchedRoof = 1

   RoofEndIsGable[1] = 1

   RoofEndIsGable[2] = 0

   RoofEndIsGable[3] = 1

   RoofEndIsGable[5] = 1

   RoofEndIsGable[7] = 1

   RoofEndIsGable[8] = 0


You will have to play a little with the code, because I'm not sure how
well it will work between vertices 3 & 8.


Below is a roof I recently did with the code.  Good luck on your roof!




   HasPitchedRoof = 1

   RoofEndIsGable[4] = 1

   RoofEndIsGable[8] = 1

   RoofEndIsGable[12] = 1

   RoofEndIsGable[18] = 1

   RoofEndIsGable[24] = 1

   RoofEndIsGable[28] = 1

   RoofEndIsGable[32] = 1

   RoofEndIsGable[36] = 1

   RoofEndIsGable[41] = 0

   RoofEndIsGable[46] = 1

   RoofEndIsGable[50] = 1

   RoofEndIsGable[54] = 1

   RoofEndIsGable[58] = 1

   RoofEndIsGable[64] = 1

   RoofEndIsGable[70] = 1

   RoofEndIsGable[74] = 1

   RoofEndIsGable[78] = 1

   RoofEndIsGable[83] = 0


Vertices 4 is the gable facing away in the top right corner.  

Caleb B. 



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Any hints on manipulating roof pitch orientation?  As you can see below,
my desired roof ridge (I added the dashed green line) is exactly 90
degrees off the orientation that The Wizard of eQuest (sometimes I think
his name is Melvin, not Merlin) bestows upon me.  No amount of clicking
on those handy red bars can get the gables to swap sides.


Please, oh please, do not say anything about polygons.




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