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Mathew Higgins Higgins at edi-arch.com
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One thing I typically find is that values were not updated between the
ASHRAE baseline and the proposed when something new is learned about the
project, but an INP review should have caught that. Do you use global
parameters for these W/sqft inputs? I also find that these are sometimes
off or overwritten and that the pink global values looks so much like
the red values that I miss a cell that's off when doing a side-by-side
comparison of the spreadsheet views of each model.
Lastly I would recommend copying all of the equipment schedules from
the proposed INP file and pasting them over the baseline INP schedules,
in case you accidentally modified something in there.
Good luck
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>>> Molly Curtz <molly.curtz at arup.com> 12/18/2009 9:32 AM >>>

Hi All,
I am trying to determine the cause of a discrepancy between “Misc Equip”
in a baseline and proposed model.
I’ve already done a text file comparison on the .INP files, but have
not yet identified the cause.
Could someone please list any other various energy uses that could be
included in this category (other than the equipment/plug loads)?
So far I’ve determined that process loads on the Chilled water loop are
reported under Misc. Equip. – any other ideas of items to look for?
Thanks very much for any suggestions.
Kind Regards,
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