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I'm not aware of a way to import geometry from revit using the wizards. yes, I had to create all the schedules and systems in the detailed interface mode.

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I had tried this, but had to abandon it since the geometry import was shaky. So lets say once the geometry is in accurately, does one end up creating all the schedules and systems from scratch in the detailed interface mode?

Or is there a way of using the imported geometry with the wizard and making the wizard do most of the work?


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I used Green Building Studio (before Autodesk took over) to convert files from Revit to eQuest. I found the method quite easy. One has to be careful while assigning zones in Revit though… making sure that the zone extends beyond the roof or once you export it to equest you'll find your roof missing.

I also had a problem of extra building shades all over my building – which I had to delete in eQuest later. Other than this I had no problems.

Hope this helps,


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I am researching generating building geometry in eQuest using Revit files.  I know some people are exporting gbXML  files and using Green Building Studio to convert to DOE2.2 files.

How is using green building studios working for people that are using that method?

The Green Building Studio website doesn't have much information on going from Revit to eQuest.  If you have any information regarding using Revit to build geometry could you please send it to me?

Are there any other methods for going from Revit to eQuest?



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