[Equest-users] Spam: MIN-AIR-SCH and -999

Brahme, Rohini UTRC BrahmeR at utrc.utc.com
Mon Jan 19 10:08:52 PST 2009

Thanks. This worked. I had tried others - multiplier, on/off flag, which
don't work.

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I believe you have to use the schedule type "Frac/Design"

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There was a post some time back on how to incorporate -999 in the
Min-Air-Sch. Any resolution on that? The schedule type fraction does not
allow for -999, and the min-air-sch seems to take only sch of type
fraction as input. Following is the info from the help file


Takes the U-name of a SCHEDULE that contains hourly values of the ratio
of minimum outside air flow to supply air flow. Values in the
MIN-AIR-SCH vary from 0.0 (no outside air flow; economizer inactive if
specified) to 1.0 (100% outside air flow). A value of 0.001 actives the
economizer. A value of -999 returns the hourly value to MIN-OUTSIDE-AIR
or to the program's calculated minimum outside air value (found on
report SV-A for the SYSTEM or for each zone for zonal systems). During a
warmup period, this schedule is normally set to zero and can then be set
to -999 during other hours to allow the specified or calculated
ventilation minimum damper position to be used. Note that schedules are
ignored in the design routines; therefore, the minimum ventilation air
desired for design must be specified either at the zone or system level.

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