[Equest-users] Baseline Airflow Autosizing

Matutinovic, Luka LMatutinovic at halsall.com
Mon Oct 26 06:32:31 PDT 2009

Are you referring to the sizing runs from G3.  If so, leave the
design cfm on each air-handler blank (see screenshot below) and eQuest
will size the flows based on the sizing option you've specified (Click
on a system, go the Basics tab, and see "Sizing Option").  
If you need to size the baseline equipment capacity as per G3.1.2.2,
then multiply the auto-sized flows from the first step, by 1.25 for
heating and 1.15 for cooling and enter the result as the design cfm.
I think you might be able to do the second step directly by specifying a
sizing ratio (see second screenshot), although for whatever reason I
haven't done it this way in the past, so I'd be curious to hear from the
more experience eQuesters what approach they take.
Hope the helps,

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From: reniel barroso [mailto:renielbarroso at yahoo.com] 
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Subject: [Equest-users] Baseline Airflow Autosizing

I've been trying to look on the equest interface where we can set the
airflow to autosize itself as per LEED baseline requirement.
I don't think we have this option here. Have we?
Thanks in advance.



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