[Equest-users] Difficulty with Cooling Tower

Vikram Sami VSami at lasarchitect.com
Mon Oct 26 08:13:02 PDT 2009

I suspect your problem might be that your screw chillers are air cooled.
If you look at the documentation (Volume 6) below, the economizer is an
all or nothing deal. If your loads aren't being satisfied by the
economizer, you will default to the air cooled system, which would zero
out your condenser loop. Where is your project located? If it is in a
humid climate, you might not actually be meeting the entire load this




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Good Afternoon all,


I am trying to model a cooling tower but have not been able to make it
work. I am running the model in 3.63b. The model will run if I attach
the condenser loop directly to one of my chillers, but when I attach the
water economizer to the condenser loop, as instructed in the
documentation, I get an error message that their is no load on the
condenser loop.


Has anyone had any success getting this type of system to work? The
documentation is light on this topic. Any and all assistance would be
greatly appreciated.



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