[Equest-users] U values for fenestrations

Nikola Kravik NKravik at willdan.com
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Hi Ali,
You may want to check the Windows 6 program from LBNL on the following link and play with the windows and framing for your checks.


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Dear all,

I am trying to understand the best way to enter the U value of my 
fenestrations as a whole system. The manufacturer specified the U value 
of the glazing as 0.49 BTU/hr·ft2°F and the aluminium framing as 0.70 
BTU/hr·ft2°F. I do not have the NFRC data of my fenestration.

I can enter the properties of the glazing however I couldn't find a way 
to define the thermal properties of the aluminium framing. I have also 
checked the detailed mode screens.

The dimensions of the fenestration varies in different locations. So 
what is the best way to calculate and enter the U-factor for the overall 
fenestration area (including glazing and framing)?

My aim is making my simulation as accurate as possible since I want to 
compare the results with actual values.

Thanks in advance.

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