[Equest-users] Questions for choosing HVAC plants and Fan capacity.

Jiao, Joey Joey.Jiao at WSPGroup.com.cn
Sun Oct 9 03:41:49 PDT 2011

Hi, everyone:

This is my first baseline model, and this simple model is only purpose
for my training .

The building  is a 6 floors office, and the HVAC system is VAV with PFP
box as the baseline required. 

After I completed the Building Shell & Internal Loads steps, I made a
run and got the Space Peak Loads Summary like the illustration below. I
want use them to choosing the reference plants Capacities ,the Space
Flow Rate and the Fan power.

And there is 3 questions:

1.       You can see there is a Space named "Plum", the unconditioned
space above the ceiling. Should we calculate the plum loads when we
choose the VAV system and Fan plants? Should we direct use the building
peak load for choosing the chiller's capacity?

2.       ASHRAE 90.1 appendix G said that the Equipment
Capacities should be oversized 1.15 for cooling and 1.25 for heating. Is
this suggestion suit the calculation way which I used? My friend told me
he always choose 70% of the peak loads for the plant capacity(but he use
TRANSYS, not eQUEST), is that a good method ?

3.       Using the appendix G method , we could calculate the
P-fan( watts ). But  I found  I could only input "in. WG" & CFM in
eQUEST,  there is no way to  input the P-fan. It's really puzzled me.


By the way , is there any simple method for make a baseline? We need to
simulation 4 directions ,and if there is a lot of spaces in the model ,
it should be really a great amount of work to do(like specify the air
flow rate of  every space's parallel fan).

That's all.


thank you very much, any tips should be appreciate.

Best wishes.







Joey Jiao

Graduate Engineer


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