[Equest-users] relationship between max supply air temperature and heating energy

tiejun hu hutiejun1223 at 126.com
Wed Oct 26 01:28:57 PDT 2011

hi everyone:
        I have been puzzled that increased energy consumption due to changing  zone max supply temprature.for example. there are 3 months(12/1/2)heating  at 95F(zone max supply temprature),but ony one month when at 88F. in my opinion, value of supply air temp just to be used to determin air flow. which will lead to changing in fan energy consumption. and from the sim file, I also see the alteration of capacity of heating device. maybe this change lead to a smaller heating load. but i don't understand how it do? who can give me some explain for this. any words will be appreciated. thans!
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