[Equest-users] Ground Water/chilled water loop error(s)

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If nothing else you can model it as a regular chiller with an open cooling
tower and just use KW/efficiency factors & curves for the various components
so that it equals what you would get from energy used by your well pumps or
what have you.  Also, using temperatures that relate to your well water
temperatures for the chilled water temperatures.  I did this once, modeling
an existing large office building that was cooled by well water, that varied
from 50 degrees F. in winter to 60 degrees F. in the late summer.  Once I
got all the inputs and curves and all set up correctly then it modeled very
closely to what the actual energy use had been from all of our historical
recorded data.


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Thanks Aaron – I did that and now the error reads:


Description: C:\Users\tmiller\Desktop\Capture1.PNG


So I went and gave the chilled water loop the same process load, but that
did not fix the problem. Below is a screenshot on how the loops are tied
together. Ignore the heat pump loop – that is for a different system in the
same building. Any other thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks


Description: C:\Users\tmiller\Desktop\Capture.PNG



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Travis – sometimes this error can be addressed by putting a nominal process
load on the offending loop – say 0.000001 Mbtu/hr, with a minimal schedule.


There may be a more comprehensive or elegant solution, but this might just
get you going.




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Hello all:


I have a system that is using well water direct to the cooling coils (no
heat exchanger to protect the cooling coils) at multiple air handlers in the
building. I set it up with the condenser water loop tied to a ground water
heat exchanger. This condenser loop then is tied to another heat exchanger
on the chilled water loop to the coils.  This approach has given me an error
on the condenser water loop that it has no design flow. I have been playing
with the primary/secondary loop designations, even putting some made up flow
values into the loops/pumps etc. but have had no luck. Any ideas?


I would like to eliminate heat exchangers all together and just model the
50° well water directly into the chilled water loop – any advice on how to
do this? I already changed the effectiveness of the heat exchanger to 1.0. 




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