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I don't think I agree with this advice


Under ASHRAE 90.1-2007, Section 5.2.1, part of the requirements for the PRESCRIPTIVE method requires that "the vertical fenestration area does not exceed 40% of the gross wall area for each space-conditioning category". 


The definition for "space conditioning category" simply says:


                non-residential conditioned space,

                residential conditioned space, and

                nonresidential and residential semiheated space


It doesn't list unconditioned space.  Now I know this info is listed in the prescriptive requirements, but if it was my model, and I had a garage that had 100% window area, there is no way I would count that towards the gross WWR, particularly if I was applying for LEED, and these inconsequential windows pushed my WWR above 40% and thus penalized my proposed building.  In fact, I might not even model the windows, unless I felt they were going to superheat the garage and start impacting adjacent space cooling loads.


Just my opinion...


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It doesn't change for unconditioned or conditioned.  It is only a function of gross wall area (ft2) and window area (ft2).   Don't think too hard about this.  You are looking for a needle in the wrong haystack.   This one is straight forward with no tricks...


WWR is for whole bldg not space by space.


On Oct 19, 2011, at 12:20 PM, deepika khowal <deepika.khowal at gmail.com> wrote:

	Thanks Pasha


	yes , i have been using LV-d report.


	Am confused how it work for an unconditioned space.


	On Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 11:01 AM, PKConsulting <pasha.pkconsulting at gmail.com> wrote:

	It should be the gross wall area for everything above ground.  Use the lv-d report to find the numbers to calculate the overall WWR for your entire bldg.   There is a summary page at the end of the lv-d report.  Look for the line called-'all walls'.  You can use those numbers to calc WWR percentage.

	On Oct 19, 2011, at 11:39 AM, deepika khowal <deepika.khowal at gmail.com> wrote:
	> Hi all
	> I have a question about calculating WWR.
	> for example, if the south wall area is 700sf and total window area is 70sf then the WWR should be 10%.
	> but if 50% of south wall is part of a garage and is unconditioned, then in calculating WWR , should I include only the wall area for conditioned space or it should include complete facade?
	> Thanks
	> Deepika

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