[Equest-users] Equest freeze and Spreadsheet refresh error

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Thanks Nick/Aaron,


I think going back simplifying the model with weighted zones instead of
the architectural space types (which I had originally modeled with) will
be the best option. Hopefully this will help. I know splitting the model
is another option I can try, but then again, that's an untouched
territory as far as my equest skills are concerned. I will keep you
posted on that.


Thanks again,



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When I've run into this circumstance I've taken it as great
justification to go back and simplify the model.  If that's not out of
the question considering your timeline and requirements for accuracy, I
would definitely advise carefully assessing whether you can define
things in a simpler fashion.  Attached recent discussion with James
Chueh seems to parallel your situation and may help you brainstorm a few


I've never done this due to sheer model size (only on smaller projects),
but I have advocated "splitting the model" for time-efficiency, and that
may be a good strategy for you in this instance.  Look for an importing
mini guide thread I posted in the archives.


The concept is to build up parallel model files that are intentionally
structured/named in a fashion to be import-able into each other.  You
may find splitting your building in two will be functionally manageable
with the eQuest interface, and if/when you need to model both halves of
the building together you can go through the importing hoops.  Before
going far down this path I would personally give this strategy a test
run to be sure the importing feature doesn't cause unique issues due to
model size... uncharted territory!










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We have definitely have had models that were so large we couldn't make
changes in the spreadsheet view.

It's tedious but one option is to make any changes needed in the dialog




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Dear all,


I am trying to model a high rise 25 floor courthouse building with
multiple shells (12) and  many zones (near 500). I have used floor
multipliers where I could to make the model simpler but it ended up with
60,000 lines and about 7500 components. The .bdl file doesn't show any
error and I have also run a default simulation, which took its time but
gave results without any errors. 


Now in the detailed interface, equest freezes whenever I try to make
changes on anything or create a new schedule. Also when I go to the
building shell spreadsheet, it shows this "Spreadsheet refresh error"
with the following text "Selection list exceeds maximum length of 65,500
characters (98,339required). Notify program support representative". 


Does it mean that I need to reduce number of spaces/zones or divide my
building into two separate files? Any idea how to solve this problem?








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