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Dear Sir,

I started working on E-quest for my thesis model in an attempt to simulate the effects of a green roof with different soil thickness and vegetation for Mumbai region (India) for my thesis. And I have a few queries regarding it:

1. I wish to create a very simple 4 storied rectangular model building as a comparative model (file has been attached- MODULE1) but on running the perform compliance analysis, it gives an error
 '' Table look-up failed: A901-07_Envelope(1, 4) evaluating rule: Look up and default C-FACTOR for slabs.'' Also, when i go on Project and site> site data properties, it doesn't accept the latitude and longitude and gives the same as an error.
Also please guide me the action report from where I can get the Annual energy consumption( Since there is no electric utility and gas utility file rates available here, can we get it in terms of unit, which can be multiplied with the rate and rate analysis can be found); space load component( total building load); peak load component(total building load); sensible cooling load &  roof thermal transfer value (RTTV )

2. Secondly, please guide me on how can one add up layers to just the top of this building of varying soil thickness and green cover ( I have the data on their R-values and thickness) and simulate the same without having errors.

3. Is there a way by which the outside ambient temperature of the building with green roof ( & its micro-climatic features) can be found?I basically need the temperature variation in the top 3 meters of the building.

It will be really helpful for me if you could take out some time from your busy schedule and guide me for the above mentioned queries. 

Waiting for your reply in anticipation, 
Thanking you
Charu Sharma
X Semester, B.Arch
National Institute of Technology
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