[Equest-users] Defining Building and Fixed Shades using Coordinates Alone

Nick Caton ncaton at smithboucher.com
Tue Apr 17 13:56:22 PDT 2012

Hi Arpan,

I'd hate to lead you into an unnecessarily time-consuming path, but I have on rare occasion found it helpful to approach defining complex building shades as exterior wall sections under a dummy space, which themselves can be defined referencing a polygon, which in turn can be defined in (relative) XYZ point coordinates...  What you functionally lose along the way is the ability to assign a shading schedule or otherwise alter the opacity of the resulting "shade."

Disclaimer:  Defining shades with exterior wall sections is likely going to be time consuming, however you slice it.  Like anything worth doing, right =)?

If you're interested in pursuing this, you should first consider whether the shade you're emulating  can be represented/approximated in 2D.  I did a writeup once (full discussion attached) showing how one can apply the concept above to represent a complex, repeating shape to pick up the shading of a superstructure.  Here's an illustration showing the end-result:

[cid:image005.png at 01CB5978.13595400]

To up the ante, with another tier of effort you can approach approximating 3D shapes with polygonal exterior wall sections... but I would sooner advise strongly considering whether a 2D equivalent can be defined, or if you might better invest your time learning a more complex-geometry-compliant energy modeling software (I keep meaning to do this!).  Following is a visual of using polygonal exterior wall sections as shades to achieve a 3D shape - this was not a small amount of work:

[cid:image002.png at 01CD1CAC.4CC51730]

A couple folks have, in years past, developed impressive looking export tools (from the likes of sketchup, revit and so forth) that at least appear to automate production of polygons for complex geometries in eQuest... I've never seen any of these freely distributed nor test-driven any such tool/process myself, so I can't endorse further other than to note they're out there and might be available, for a cost.

Best of luck!


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Fixed and Building Shades are presently defined in DOE2/eQUEST using:


Has anyone come across an alternate specification method using coordinates only?
For example:

Point 1 (x,y,z)
Point 2 (x,y,z)
Point 3 (x,y,z)
Point 4 (x,y,z)

Arpan Bakshi, LEED AP BD+C

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