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Hi Oscar,

One way to do it would be to assume a run-time for the Proposed Case which could depend on some estimates of the CO produced in the parking garage.  I know the Canadian standard is to use a run-time of 6 hours (2 morning, 2 mid-day and 2 evening) for ventilation control.

One thing to keep in mind for LEED is that you will need to demonstrate that CO control is not standard practice in your jurisdiction.  I know it's required by the building code here in Ontario, so it can't be claimed for credit.  

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On 2012-04-19, at 10:23 AM, Oscar B. wrote:

> Hello guys.
> I'm trying to claim credits from using CO sensors with VAV fans in underground parking. Does any body know which is the bes way to do it. 
> Many Thanks
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