[Equest-users] Steam meter or boiler?

Johanna Generosi j.generosi at gmail.com
Fri Jul 13 15:29:20 PDT 2012

I´m modelling a multifamily low rise bulding (<20000 ft2) where both
heating (warm water loop + baseboards) and domestic warm water are provided
by a central district system (in Sweden). The supplied hot water enters the
building and is split in two separate loops (DHW and HW for heating)
through two heat exchangers.
I don´t really know how to model the HVAC system: in a previous message I
was advised to use a steam meter, but I get a very low steam consumption -
less than half of what it should be. According to "Treatment of District or
Campus Thermal Energy in LEED V2 and LEED 2009" and ASHRAE App.G I should
go for a semplified option using a fossil fueled boiler (and a DWH heater?)
instead. But in this case I don´t really know for what capacity/efficiency
I should go for.

I´m a total novice with equest, could anyone help me out?
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