[Equest-users] eQuest: No Heat Loss in some zones

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LS-B gives you the peak space load, excluding OA.
LS-E gives you the space monthly loads, excluding OA.

Interior spaces, without exterior walls, roof, 
floor, will only have internal loads - occupants, lights, equipment.

At 05:02 PM 17/07/2012, Sami, Vikram wrote:
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>Are these internal zones? If so – it might not 
>be out of the question that there is no heat 
>loss. Are you looking at the appropriate LS report?
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>Mr Singh,
>For help on diagnosing model problems, you'll 
>need to post your .inp & .pd2 files for the rest 
>of us to be able to see what's going on.
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>Hi there,
>We have 2 buildings in the model. Building A – 
>which is more complex with gym, kitchen, lounge, 
>offices, classrooms et al seems to be fine. 
>However Building B, a simpler 3-storey elongated 
>residential building (added later) seems faulty. 
>We are not getting any BDL errors, but the 
>simulation file shows that it shows ZERO heat 
>loss for some of its zones... This is perplexing 
>to us as we have done, redone it a million 
>times. Tried everything we could think of, but 
>the problem persists. We would love to see what 
>wrong we are doing. Any input and/or help will be much appreciated.
>Sat Singh
>Mechanical Engineer
>Flow Consulting Group Inc.
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