[Equest-users] Hours loads not met

Umesh Atre umesh at innovativedesign.net
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Here are a few suggestions that should hopefully take care of some of
the unmet loads:
1. Unit of chiller/boiler capacity in eQUEST is Mbtu/hr. Change your
2,709 Mbtu/hr to 2.7 Mbtu/hr. Similarly change your boiler from 1,860
Mbtu/hr to 1.86 Mbtu/hr.
2. Use a higher Throttling-range, say around 6.
3. Your cooling thermostat (zonal) is set to 55 deg. Change this to 76
(typical), depending on your required indoor design temperatures. 
4. Change your cooling and heating availability schedules to the on/off
type. Use 1 for on and 0 for off. 
5. Take care to define your footprint and zones with more accuracy. You
could import a simple single line CAD drawing and trace over it. There
seem to be many
    internal zone overlaps. You could also create roofs for some of the
missing sections on the lower floor. 
Best of luck,


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Ladies and Gentlemen:

Find attached my .inp and .pd2 files for a two-story school addition.
I am attempting to qualify the (already constructed) building for LEED
silver certification. The numbers of unmet load hours appear to be
excessive. What needs to be changed with regard to my input in order to
reduce these numbers?

Please note: in addition to the two files attached here, there is also a

09-033 Sauganash School DDEEWB1 2012-7-19 - Baseline Design.inp,  of
size 0 (zero) bytes.

Thanks for the help, in advance.


A.C. Higgins, PE, LEED AP

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