[Equest-users] Summer Night Ventilation

Chalfoun, Nader V - (chalfoun) chalfoun at email.arizona.edu
Fri May 11 16:43:39 PDT 2012

For an office building using DX Coils for heating and cooling (heat pumps),  I used the naturale ventialtion strategy in eQUEST successfuly using the air change method after creating the daily schedules (Summer Night Vent + Winter Night Vent), the weekly schedules (Summer Night Vent Week+ Winter Night Vent week), and the annual schedule (My Annual Night Vent).
I was able to set the Outdoor-Naturale ventilation-ventilation method to "Air Chages" and the Air chages to 22 for selected hours during summer nights in Tucson where outdoor temperatures where below 80 and thus generates some energy savings numbers.

But when I changed the system to Chilled water, Hot water coils, Hot water loop in a Dual Duct Air Handler with HW
Heat, the Air Change method was no longer available.  Any explanation is appreciated.
Thank you

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