[Equest-users] Gas INFRA-RED Radiant

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Hi Arash,

There are a couple right answers.  Here's an approach I've used:

*         System type UHT

*         Zero out fan energy (0.00 kW/CFM), if there are no space circulation fans tied to your IR heater operation

*         eQuest doesn't simulate the skin-heating comfort effects of radiant heat.  If you run into unmet heating hours, you can justifiably lower associated thermotat setpoints to account for this.

*         DOE2 help files advise adjusting your HIR to 1.05 if products of combustion are not being vented out of the space (industrial applications).


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Hi all,

First of all sorry about the previous message.

I have a storage using gas infra-red radiant heaters. Is there accurate way to model this.
Thank you in advance for your help.

Arash Pasgar
Mechanical Designer

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