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I have never encountered this error before so I can only speculate that there is a limit on the input data.  Looking at the screen shot, it appears that each individual window is being defined.  By extension that would probably mean each individual space is also being defined.  Unless there is a compelling reason for such complexity, I generally try to limit complexity to what is necessary to reasonably represent the building construction, systems, and operations.  For example, if it is not really necessary to define every window, I would define the glazing as a % of the gross wall area by compass orientation if that level of simplification will still work for your modeling requirements.

Just my 2 cents worth.

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Here's the error message (screen shot attached too): "Selection list exceeds maximum length of 65,500 characters (72,692 required). Notify program support representative."
Once it appears, there is no way to continue or quit eQuest. Windows task manager - end process - is necessary.

It happens when spreadsheet mode is selected under building shell in the Wizard. We're not quite ready to switch to detailed edit mode. We are really close to finishing this model, have we gone over the limit in shell / space complexity?

It's kind of scary, please share any experience or hints.

Thank you all,


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