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The envelope performance factors in the 5.5 tables are only required if you
are using the prescriptive path to demonstrate compliance with the standard
or as required for the baseline envelope performance by Table G3.1#5 for the
Appendix G models. You should review the definitions for conditioned,
semi-conditioned and unconditioned spaces in Section 3 (page 13, I believe).
If your heating input/square foot qualifies the warehouse area as
semi-conditioned you should use the parameters for semi-heated in the 5.5
tables. You may also want to look at Section 5.5 (particularly Figure 5.5)
for further clarification about exterior and semi-exterior envelopes. If you
want to know more about how Addendum dn is applied, you should look to
90.1-2012 for more information.


Not sure if this answers your question, but hope it helps. Have a great day!


Cam Fitzgerald


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Good morning,


I was wondering, do all the envelope requirements under Ashrae 90.1 2007
tables 5.5 are mandatory for Performance rating method? even if there is an
area of the building that is only heating and ventilation warehouse and the
systems will be considered system 11 for baseline? Addendum dn does not say
anything about the insulation being different than required.




Karen Smith


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