[Equest-users] Beginner Question on Fan schedule

RobertWichert robert at wichert.org
Sun Jan 27 08:20:47 PST 2013

Thanks for the link to the manuals and such, Chris.

I am also investigating "intermittent" as it affects EnergyPro, which 
claims to use "DOE-2.1E* v119".

The issue involves using "INTERMITTENT" and how that affects heating 
energy.  Heating energy drops dramatically when "INTERMITTENT" is 
invoked.  It drops so far that it does not seem realistic, although no 
errors or flags result that I can find.

I have found some references to "INTERMITTENT" causing negative CFM:  

Question - Do you (or anybody on the list) have any ideas why invoking 
"INTERMITTENT" in a program that uses DOE-2.1E*V119 would show such 
effects on heating energy (very, very, very low)?????

Thanks for thinking about this!

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On 1/27/2013 7:47 AM, Chris Jones wrote:
> Hello Jay,
> Do you have the DOE2.2 Reference manuals? DOE2.2Vol2-Dictionary.pdf 
> explains what the INTERMITTENT keyword means.
> See page 361 under INDOOR-FAN-MODE.
> The reference manuals are available for download at
> http://doe2.com/download/doe-22/ <http://doe2.com/download/doe-22/>
> Download the latest edition of each manual and enjoy!
> At 05:29 PM 26/01/2013, Jay M wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I tried searching for an answer on archives but unable to find an answer.
>> I in Schematic Mode I set fan to "intermittent"  meaning HVAC fan is 
>> only on when heating/cooling is needed...
>> 1) if I set it a value of "1" fan is on alwayst on
>> 2) Set 0 Fan is "off"
>> Since it is in intermittent mode, when i set to 0.... there is never 
>> any cooling.  what am I doing wrong?  Because if i set fan schedule 
>> in Detailed edit mod to 1 the fan is always on and I don't want that.
>> I want intermittment fan schedule  but it's either 1 or 0 in the fan 
>> schedule...
>> Thanks!
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