[Equest-users] Equest - adding Heat Recovery to VAVS system

Ginnie Schofield GSchofield at edaengineering.com
Wed Jun 5 08:22:16 PDT 2013

Equest Users:

In my school model, I have added the Heat Recovery option to my VAVS system in the current model, and it throws results clear out of line, increasing electric power usage almost 3 times, with increased  ventilation fan operation and space cooling year round, which shouldn't be necessary in Wyoming.

Looking for methods to modify input and correct these obviously errant results.  There has been some discussion here earlier this week, tried a couple of the suggestions, without acceptable results.  If adding another system to handle the heat recovery or adding smaller heat recover to each zone is the right answer, please share the method for creating the new system in detailed edit mode.

Thank you in advance for your time and suggestions.

(Ph) 307-266-5033   (Fx) 307-234-3805

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