[Equest-users] zones/hvac system assignments

Kent Beason kbeason at estesmcclure.com
Tue Jun 11 08:58:24 PDT 2013

I have an existing building that has been renovated and expanded.  The
existing area and new addition area are basically an open area with only a
service counter separating the two areas (new pharmacy).  The existing HVAC
system is left in place to serve the existing floor area, and the addition
is getting a new system.  There are two restrooms; one served by the
existing HVAC, and the other served by the new HVAC.  An elec/data room has
its own little mini-split, and one other room has a unit heater.  So this
brings a total of four different HVAC systems.  I defined these systems in
the DD wizard, and wasn't able to utilize the zone assignments screen after
drawing new zones to coincide with these systems and different occupancy
types, so I intended to finish assigning zones in detailed edit.  I did not
separate existing floor area vs new area since it is open area.  After
defining the HVAC four systems in the DD wizard, I can't seem to find any
trace of them in detailed edit.  Where do I best define these six thermal
zones and HVAC systems?


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