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you can set all zone to conditioned zone before performing compliance analysis.
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I am trying to perform an energy model for LEED. I developed
my proposed building. Then I wanted to perform Compliance Analysis to generate
the baseline building. I received the following error message after doing this.

Assign zone to baseline floor system: CRule::Eval() error
posting symbolic (value 1.09208e-297) result to BDL

This error message shows up in the Rules Evaluation Error
list multiple times. I have no idea what it means or how to correct it.

Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.

Also, is this the best way to perform the LEED energy
analysis? The tutorial doesn’t seem to spell out the best way to do the base
building and then perform the base building rotations and comparisons that are
necessary for LEED.

Thank you,

Kari C. Krolikowski,PE, LEED

Mechanical Engineer

Tel.: (610) 524-5920

Dir.: (610) 423-6239

Fax: (610) 524-2443

SNC-Lavalin Project Services,

436 Creamery Way, Suite 100

Exton | Pennsylvania | United
  States | 19341

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