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Hi Kent,

Another approach could be to have 2 instances of eQuest open - one looking at your wizard level zonal names/inputs for reference only, and the other open to a separate "working" detailed model (these being 2 separate project files).  Multiple monitors makes this sort of exercise notably simpler.

For the detailed model, I'd suggest navigating to the airside HVAC tab, and from here you can double click on systems and zones to rename as you wish to.  Note that highlighting a zone on the left will highlight the corresponding zone in the 2D zone window.  Between these visuals, you can almost certainly figure out which is which in 9 out of 10 cases.  If you have lots of shells, multiple floors, or other contributing factors making this tricky, you can navigate over to the space tab to review where spaces are from the 3D view as needed.

Lots of ways to skin this cat.  For future reference, I too only very rarely invest time trying to name stuff in the wizards, as very little carries forward into detailed mode (note some prefix/suffix options that are of use for shells and systems however).  Naming of stuff basically happens in detailed edits, to the extent needed.

Hope this helps too!

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Hi Kent:

Unfortunately, the wonderful names you established in the Wizard do not translate into the Detailed Edit mode. You will need to rename them in the Detailed edit Mode (always save a copy of your Wizard Mode in case you need to recreate). To figure out which zone and HVAC systems are which in Detail, go back to Wizard and take a screen shot (or sketch) the shapes of your zones (with names). Go to the Detail Edit mode and gp to a zone and ompare the shape to your Wizard mode. Now you can retype the name into the Detail mode.

Just the way it is. Good luck.

John R. Aulbach, PE

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I have an existing building that has been renovated and expanded.  The existing area and new addition area are basically an open area with only a service counter separating the two areas (new pharmacy).  The existing HVAC system is left in place to serve the existing floor area, and the addition is getting a new system.  There are two restrooms; one served by the existing HVAC, and the other served by the new HVAC.  An elec/data room has its own little mini-split, and one other room has a unit heater.  So this brings a total of four different HVAC systems.  I defined these systems in the DD wizard, and wasn't able to utilize the zone assignments screen after drawing new zones to coincide with these systems and different occupancy types, so I intended to finish assigning zones in detailed edit.  I did not separate existing floor area vs new area since it is open area.  After defining the HVAC four systems in the DD wizard, I can't seem to find any trace of them in detailed edit.  Where do I best define these six thermal zones and HVAC systems?

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