[Equest-users] Interpretation of RTU in the proposed model

Morteza Kasmai morteza.kasmai at gmail.com
Wed Sep 4 09:24:36 PDT 2013

Nick and my other mentors,

I need a favor. Attached are pd2 and inp files of the proposed model of the
CS-office building that I am working at. The HVAC system is RTU with

- Supply CFM/ESP: 59,000 / 2.85 in. wg.

- Outside CFM: 12,000

- Total capacity 1,800 T

- Supply Fan: 4 x 25 HP

- Exhaust Fan: 2 x 20 HP

- EER @ AHRI Condition: 9.8

- No Heating (There are several electric unit in each future tenant spaces)

Comparing annual energy costs of the baseline model (System 6) and the
propose model shows just 2.7 % savings. Although U-factors of the proposed
design’s envelop are not much better than the baseline model, I though it
should give more energy savings. Is my interpretation of the proposed model

Thank you so much for your help,

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