[Equest-users] heat recovery and zone exhaust

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Hello Bill/James,

I have a typical situation for DOAS system that serves fresh air (100% OA) to corridor spaces in multifamily building. The DOAS unit is equiped with heat recovery wheel, and uses the exhaust air from apartments, i.e. exhaust from bathroom and kitchen rather than return air from corridor itself. How would i model the system that uses recovered heat from one system to another in the eQUEST.

Thanks in advance for your help.





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Make sure to NOT enter zonal exhaust flowsif your intention is for the air to return to the ERV. Specifying zonal exhaustsimulates air leaving the zone through a separate exhaust fan (think bathrooms,kitchens, clothes dryers) and not returning to the air handling unit.

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I’mhaving the typical issues with getting an enthalpy wheel to show appreciablesavings.  I’ve adjusted some of the control sequences, and havemanaged to show a savings in cooling energy, but I’m getting no heatingsavings, which is strange, unless my building is actually asking for cold OAduring the winter because of the rather large internal heat loads (my guess isthat this is true).
Myquestion is whether you HAVE to define zonal exhaust airflow rates to properlyshow the savings from heat recovery, or if the program knows that the exhaustwill roughly match the OA delivered to the space?  Do I have to turn onexhaust tracking?
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