[Equest-users] Fan coil indoor fan mode

Jones, Christopher cjones at halsall.com
Tue Aug 26 12:04:57 PDT 2014

Note that the INDOOR-FAN-MODE keyword only applies to a few systems (according to BDLKEY.OUT):

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What happens when you do this? (I haven't tried it.)

-        Set the fan schedule to "1" during occupied hours and "0" during unoccupied.

-        Set Indoor Fan Mode to "Intermittent".

-        Set Night Cycle Control to "Cycle on Any".

-        Create custom hourly report tracking supply air flow rate and supply fan elec (kW) and look for lower kW during unoccupied hours.
If this is for ASHRAE 90.1, G3.1.2.4, I have been doing all of the above except keeping the Fan Mode as "Continuous".


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Subject: [Equest-users] Fan coil indoor fan mode

Does anyone know if it's possible to (or have a workaround to) run fan coil indoor fans as "Continuous" during occupied hours but "Intermittent" during unoccupied hours?


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