[Equest-users] LEED and Seasonal operation / DHW heater seasonal operation

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1.       I don't think LEED precludes you from modeling a building being unoccupied for a good chunk of the year (assuming baseline and proposed have matching schedules), but I would anticipate this to raise some flags without substantial explanation and backup.  Acquiring something from the district/owner in writing to submit alongside regular documentation to back up your scheduling might save you a headache later.

2.       If there's no pump operation (verified by hourly reports) or scheduled DHW demand, I think that only leaves the pilot light... ?  That would show up as misc. gas consumption by default, if occurring.  You might post your project to get a second set of eyes on the problem.

Hope that helps!


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Hi all,

I'm currently modelling a school building in eQuest for the LEED for Schools 2009 certification. The school doesn't operate at all in the summer season (closed) and so it isn't equipped with equipment for cooling.

I have made schedules modelling this principle (not operating in JUNE/JULY/AUGUST) at both proposed and baseline scenarios but I'm concerned if it is mandatory or not to model a full year's operation under LEED. In the months of operation, I have modelled both cooling/heating as it is mandatory.

A second question is how to make the DHW heater not to operate at the summer months. Having tried everything and after doublechecking that there is no DHW demand from the annual schedule for the summer months, the result is that the DHW loop and pump show no use for these months (seen at the simulation output) but still the DHW heater is operating consuming significant gas for an unknown reason. Loop is set to demand operation and recirculation set at 0.01.

Any help highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Nikos Patsos
Mechanical Engineer
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