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I do have a couple of comments to add. I have contacted the dev. Team, so they are aware of the issue, and I got some suggestions from them, but no solution yet.

One file I was getting errors on, when opened on another computer, by a colleague, ran without issue.
Rebooting my machine has worked on occasion to eliminate the error. The above strongly implies there is no issue with the model file itself.
For one project, I just took the project back to 3.64, because I got tired of the annoyance. Also, launching 3.65, and then selecting a project to open, rather than double clicking the .pd2 may be helpful to avoiding the errors. ( I have noticed that double clicking launches the file in the last active version of eQuest.)
I plan on using 3.64 for awhile going forward.
Do you have both 3.64 and 3.65 on your machine? I do, and I suspect that may be a factor at play.

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I’ve been having similar issues with one model in particular, and cannot seem to find a cause at all.

Based on previous comments in the forum, it was suggested that the version of eQuest should be validated (3.65 vs. 3.64), but this is not a solution for a model that was built and re-opened on one machine (all using 3.65).

I’ve received the error Ginnie listed below, and upon re-building the entire model, it disappeared.  However, after returning to the model the next day, another Fortran error appeared (see attached), and is affecting all versions of the model (back-ups, etc), once opened.

Has anyone found a concrete solution to this? It appears to be an issue with the new version of the software.

I’ve also tried running it locally on my computer, and on our network; both have the same error.


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Hi Ginnie,
I just wanted to add that I’ve been getting similar same errors in eQuest 3.65. Haven’t found any solution yet, but I’ll post here if I do!

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Many thanks to Jeff for his response to my exhaust input question, figured it out.

Now I think there is a problem with the Equest program, 3.65 version.
See attached error messages, which boots me completely out of the program as it shuts down.
These errors did not appear when I did my model initially, everything ran correctly.
I made some exhaust air input modifications to the model, then tried to simulate it, and got the attached error.
So, as a trial, I ran my “ copy” to see if it did the same thing.  And it does.

I had attached the model file with .inp file with my original question posted a bit earlier this afternoon.

What could be the problem and is there a fixable solution?  Hope I don’t have to rebuild the model.  :(

Thank you in advance for any and all responses.

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