[Equest-users] FW: equest 3.65 and air-side system anomaly/issue in detailed edit

Chris Baker CBaker at cci-alliance.com
Mon Jun 16 21:11:45 PDT 2014

I went back into DD wizard to check on why this might have changed and sure enough my previous zone groupings had all been overwritten somehow.  Also, my exhaust fans had all been removed from the model.

I went into the zone grouping screen (sheet 14) and completely redid the zone grouping to match up with what I wanted and I had to re-add my exhaust fans where applicable.

I then saved and went into detailed edit and everything looks fine now.

I'm not sure why everything would have been switched around but it definitely occurred at some point during detailed edit.  Anyway, at some point 2 of my  building shells assigned to HVAC system 1 were reassigned to HVAC system 2 for some reason.

It was as if the HVAC system assignments (by shell) were somehow overriding the zone grouping screen (sheet 14 of the DD wizard) which to my knowledge is supposed to work the other way around (the zone groupings are supposed to supersede any kind of shell assignments).

Fortunately, after doing my corrections in the DD wizard a lot of my changes in detailed edit remained.  I won't have to start over in detailed edit from scratch anyway but I'll likely have to go back and add some things over again.

I also saved a copy of my model prior to the doing re-edits in DD wizard so I didn't lose all my previous inputs.

Chris Baker
CCI CAD Drafter

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Subject: equest 3.65 and air-side system anomaly/issue in detailed edit


I'm using eQuest 3.65 (latest update version).

Regarding air-side equipment, I set up everything in the DD wizard on the zone grouping screen (assigning HVAC systems to zones).

But detailed edit swapped everything around.

In DD wizard I had set up the following on the zone grouping screen...

"HVAC System 1" (HRV-1) applied to shells 1,2,3 (all zones)
"HVAC System 2" (AHU-1) applied to shells 4,5 (all zones)

But detailed edit now shows the incorrect configuration.  This is what is depicted...

"HVAC System 1" (HRV) is applied to shell 1 only
"HVAC System2" (AHU-1) is applied to shells 2,3,4,5

I'm currently working in detailed edit to reconfigure the shell zones to reflect the correct system but I'm not sure why it would have been changed between DD wizard and Detailed edit.

Just wanting everyone to be aware that they should check everything in detailed edit mode carefully before running any simulations or compliance analyses.  Even if you're sure the hvac assignments to each zone was correctly entered in DD wizard, detailed edit might not be correct.

Chris Baker
CCI CAD Drafter

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