[Equest-users] Creating multiple footprints for a single building

Sol Rosenbaum solrosenbaum at gmail.com
Sun May 4 12:01:19 PDT 2014


I am new to eQuest and am modelling a large office building that has a
footprint that gets smaller on the higher floors.  I have all of the
footprints (17 in total) in a single CAD drawing and have uploaded it to
eQuest.  I was able to get the initial ground floor outline set up, but now
I am not sure how to proceed from here  . . . 

1. How can I set one outline to be floors 1-10 and a second outline to be
floors 11-20 and so on?

2. I was provided all of the outlines in one CAD drawing with them sitting
side by side.  Would it be easier if i had them supplied as separate files?
Separate layers?  





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