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Keith Swartz kswartz at ecw.org
Tue May 20 12:02:05 PDT 2014

We revamped our website a few days ago and I learned today that the link below to the eQUEST DD wizard training doesn't work anymore. The new link is http://www.ecw.org/university/webinars/equestddwizard2012. 

Keith Swartz, PE, BEMP, LEED AP
Senior Energy Engineer | Energy Center of Wisconsin | Madison.Chicago.Minneapolis
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Lincoln and all,

I thought I would add some background regarding our recorded eQUEST training...We started recording our 2-day training and stopped when my voice gave out. Shortly after that we learned that a new version was expected to be released soon, so we decided to wait so we could update the material for the new version. When the new version was eventually released we simply had other priorities and now we do not expect to get back to completing it. We didn't promote the webinar because it was incomplete, but it's good to hear that the part we had recorded was useful. For those of you who are interested, you can find it at http://www.ecw.org/university/ecuevent.php?ecuid=475. 

Keith Swartz, PE, BEMP, LEED AP
Senior Energy Engineer | Energy Center of Wisconsin | Madison.Chicago.Minneapolis
608.210.7123 | www.ecw.org

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Hi Robert,

The closest Dummies lesson I can think of is a Design Development Wizard introduction given by Energy Center of Wisconsin. Given by Keith Swartz. Its an on-demand webinar. Content below:

Ch 1 - 00:00:00 - Introduction
Ch 2 - 00:03:43 - Getting into the design development (DD) wizard; project and site data screens Ch 3 - 00:31:50 - Project navigator: Building shell (office tower) Ch 4 - 02:28:46 - Non-HVAC end uses to model Ch 5 - 02:41:12 - HVAC system Ch 6 - 03:07:05 - Warehouse shell Ch 7 - 03:24:50 - Finishing the project

Very good course.

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I used EQuest maybe ten years ago. Maybe longer.  Didn't use it much.  
One LEED project that went bust and some Efficiency work at the utility where I worked.  But I joined this list quite a while ago because I use another DOE 2 using software product called "EnergyPro".  I sometimes ask DOE 2 questions on this list and I try to help out if I know something about what is being discussed, so I been around this list a while.

But wait...

Today one of my clients calls and wants me to do some EQuest runs.  I tell him I'm pretty rusty (I don't even have it installed any more) so he goes off to find somebody else to do the work.


So, I am asking this list...

Does anybody have an "EQuest for Dummies" link or FAQ or step[by-step anything recommended for somebody coming back to EQuest, basically starting from scratch installation and all the rest.  I'd buy a book, but I don't think there are any.

Any help is appreciated.

Robert Wichert P.Eng. LEED AP BD&C
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