[Equest-users] Space by Space LPD requirements for 90.1 modeling

Cam Fitzgerald cam at energyopportunities.com
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Dear Javid,


You are right to question this review comment. Interior lighting is tradable
when using energy simulations not the prescriptive 90.1 requirements. I
suggest you send an inquiry to the review team requesting confirmation of
the requirement and further explanation. You should explain your
understanding of the Appendix G requirements and briefly explain how the
lighting is modeled in the baseline and proposed case. Clarifying the issue
before you make any changes to the model and resubmit could save a lot of
headache (and time). Good luck!



Cam Fitzgerald


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Dear All,


Recently i have received a comment from design team peer reviewer on
applicability of space by space lighting power density for 90.1 appendix G
compliance modeling for manufacturing facility and given as follows:


"Space by Space" method can only be used if the actual proposed design meets
the space by space requirements for each included space type.


I found similar discussion happened on 23/5/12- Building Area Method 90.1
(great insight from Nick) but didn't noticed any such requirements like
mentioned above. I am clueless on this and can't even verify if this is a
valid comment.


I would appreciate if someone could guide me on this.


Thanks in advance,





Javed Iqbal, LEED AP, CEA

Sr. Energy Analyst 






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