[Equest-users] VRF and baseboard heating system s

Hala Jaber halajaber82 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 18 09:27:53 PST 2014

Hi all,
I have new project which is using under floor heating in some areas , the operation schedule for this system is in 4 months in the year while the rest of winter months will use the VRF as a heat pump for heating, the question is how can I model this in eQuest, since I tried the following and I found a lot of unmet hours in heating mode,this was when I created two operation schedules for VRF (on /off) =on  in the (10,11 and  4,5 months) while =off in ( 12,1,2,3) in the VRF-off mode the baseboard ( underfloor heating) will work and so on.then i went to heating systems and assigned these schedules for both baseboards and VRF systems 
What do you think, and if my approach is correct,is this acceptable for LEED review team and how can i solve the unmet hours in heating ,taking into account that when I leave the VRF working in all winter months, the unmet hours will disappear.
Many thanks Guys.
Hala Jaber

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