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> Hi all,
> I have new project which is using under floor heating in some areas , the operation schedule for this system is in 4 months in the year while the rest of winter months will use the VRF as a heat pump for heating, the question is how can I model this in eQuest, since I tried the following and I found a lot of unmet hours in heating mode,this was when I created two operation schedules for VRF (on /off) =on  in the (10,11 and  4,5 months) while =off in ( 12,1,2,3) in the VRF-off mode the baseboard ( underfloor heating) will work and so on.then i went to heating systems and assigned these schedules for both baseboards and VRF systems 
> What do you think, and if my approach is correct,is this acceptable for LEED review team and how can i solve the unmet hours in heating ,taking into account that when I leave the VRF working in all winter months, the unmet hours will disappear.
> Many thanks Guys.
> Hala Jaber
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