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Thanks Julien
 it  works, i think it is a bug because i encount this tow times, the first situation is that i change glass parameters, if  i go back, the error will not happen. and the second situation is about secondary chilled loop creation, if go back to primary loop, it also work normally.


At 2014-10-17 16:45:25, "冷面寒枪" <503271081 at qq.com> wrote:

I think it is a bug of eQUEST 3.65.Because I can see that this error is launched by Fortran.It is a runtime error.
Yongqing Zhao

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I got this type of errors several times too, and I suspect this is not really a syntax error in the inp file since usually closing equest, logging off windows and on again fixes it.

It's annoying but I haven't found why it's doing that.


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2014-10-17 10:30 GMT+02:00 tiejun hu <hutiejun1223 at 126.com>:

Does anybody encount this error?
 it shows a error shown in the first attached picture when running simulation,  then i click "done", it shows the sencond attached picture, if i close it, the software will exit.
 Is it a bug or some setting problem?

Best Regards

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