[Equest-users] Deleting a Chiller From a Chilled Water Loop

Daric Adair Daric.Adair at hei-eng.com
Wed Aug 12 13:09:09 PDT 2015

This is a BIG model – dang.

I was able to download and open the model – but I had numerous errors due to Spaces having the same name [re: 10+ ‘STAIRWAY’ and ‘MECHANICAL ROOM’]. These spaces should be renamed, even its to add a direction [N/S/E/W] or a number to the end to differentiate them. This has caused me issues in the past when I get two Spaces with the same name. This also cascades into issues with the assigned Thermal Zone since it has no way differentiate between this ‘Stairway’ or that ‘Stairway’.

I’d say step 1 is to correct the above, and then reload the model. This could be the issue.

An additional area to look at is the ‘Read.log’ file. This file is created when the model is loaded, and by searching for ‘Error’ in this text file, you can quickly skip to the issues in the .inp file. I’ve found it more useful at times than the ‘BDL Error Manager’ interface with eQuest.

On the Chiller issue, my read.log file didn’t show these at all. But it could have been ‘choked off’ but the errors above.

Let us know what you find.

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Good Afternoon,

I am trying to generate the savings of changing out the pumps in the cooling tower and chiller of the hospital I am modeling. I am out of the wizard and in detail mode and noticed that four chillers (1a, 1b, 2a, 2b) were showing up in the component tree instead of just the actual two. I had no errors in my file and right clicked on chiller 1b & 2b and hit delete. The warning did say there was a child component but I believe that was the pump associated with it and hit delete.

Now when I try to run simulation I get "1 Run(s) Terminated Due to Errors" and can not view the summary report. When I left click the "Check Building Description" box it says there are no BDL errors. Not sure how to resolve. I have a saved file with the chillers before they were deleted but have attached the file with 1b and 2b deleted that I am having problems with and would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks!

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