[Equest-users] Variable Refrigeration Flow (VRF) Heat Pump System

Nicholas Caton ncaton at catonenergy.com
Mon Feb 2 10:09:00 PST 2015

Hi Hassan,

I feel I summarized the present status of VRF/VRV system simulation with
eQuest pretty well in the attached thread from a few months ago.  I’d
advise you to review/understand my response first, then acquire the
manufacturer’s guidance for the system you are referencing.  For heat
recovery, you will need to do “Post-processing” of the results to determine
how much free heating/cooling is occurring by way of refrigerant heat
recovery.  Approximating thermal storage from the VRF/VRV system will
require a more fundamental & intimate understanding of how the systems
operate together, as you will need to modify/expand upon the recommended
post-processing calculations.

FWIW, VRF/VRV thermal storage is to my knowledge a step beyond the
boundaries of what’s been documented procedurally by anybody (and shared
with the greater simulation community), at least for eQuest/DOE2.  Some
degree of innovation is probably on-tap to complete the job on your own =).

More broadly, be mindful of the onebuilding.org archives for these mailing
lists – they continually build as a primary resource of answers and
information, and every end-user of eQuest ought to bookmarked/favorite
these links, at minimum.



Also, a reminder that your queries and the resulting discussion(s) can be
more difficult/fragmented for yourself and others to follow when you
cross-post to separate mailing lists.  Sometimes cross-posting is the
correct choice based on circumstance, but for  an eQuest-specific query you
are probably better of posting only to [eQuest-users] first.

Kind regards,



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I am trying to model a system involving variable refrigerant flow (VRF)
heat pumps using eQuest.  If someone can please help me by providing
modelling guidelines, I will really be thankful.  Here is the description
of the system.

Load Information:  The building will be a commercial space, which will have
a balanced heating and cooling load in winder and shoulder season.  During
winter, the heating load in the perimeter zones will be offset by the
cooling load in the core zones.  To make it simple, I will have the
condenser refrigerant flowing through the building, exchanging heat with
the heat pumps in the perimeter zone, whereas the evaporator loop will
collect heat from the core zones.

How would I model this in eQest.  Is there any way I can trick the system
to model it?  Also, in case if there is extra heat in the loop, I am trying
to store that in a thermal storage.  How do I model a thermal storage
system in eQuest?

Thank you in advance for your help.


Hassan Quazi, P.Eng.
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