[Equest-users] Problems in eQuest HVAC Zoning

Siliang Lu lusiliang93 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 2 02:23:35 PST 2015

Hi everyone,
I am now facing some problems regarding HVAC zoning.

1 I have a project of a 3-story school building. For each floor, I have
different zoning plans. However, in schematic wizard, I can only draw one
type of building footprint and HVAC zoning plan. Can you help me design
different zoning plan in each floor?

2 I tried to find loads report from SIM file and I found that it was said
'Space temperature used for the loads calculations is 70F'. However, in
Air-Side HVAC, the default indoor design temperature for each zone is 75F
in summer and 70F in winter. Can I change the temperature for loads
calculation from 70F to the default design temperatures?

3 What is the function of zone group definitions?

4 I am not sure about some default names of the zones:
In Air-side HVAC, SW Zone(fG.z1); SW SpcPlen(fG.z1);
In Internal loads summary, SW Space(fG.s1); SWSpPlen(fG.s1)
Can you help me explain them?

I really appreciate your help! Thanks a lot!

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