[Equest-users] Batch processing in eQUEST

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You could feasibly do a parametric run that would include simulations for multiple projects, equest files at once.  The final reports on the back end would give you comparative analysis and total energy costs for the entire project, which would also be helpful.

This is similar to doing a cost analysis between a proposed and baseline model where the summary reports give the figure for each individual inp/pd2 project.

This approach would give you the freedom to model separate individual structures as unique inp/pd2 files.


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I am working on a project where we are thinking about running multiple eQUEST simulations for small models (these are single zone models where we are modifying climate, occupancy schedules, equipment, lighting and ventilation rates. I have heard that it is possible to batch process eQUEST files. Can anyone help me with this?


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