[Equest-users] Question regarding Air Side fan power inputs

Chris Baker CBaker at cci-alliance.com
Tue Mar 3 18:58:16 PST 2015

Should minimum flow ratio (air side HVAC) be specified in the baseline model if it is specified in proposed (In Detail Edit, within zone parameters/properties, in Air Flow tab)?

All thermostats are set to reverse action.
Baseline currently shows same min design flow as proposed (.50 cfm/ft2).

When I look in zone properties, basic specifications tab...
proposed model shows 1.0 minimum flow ratio, baseline shows n/a.

Same thing in AIR FLOW tab for each zone...
Proposed currently shows 1.0 min flow ratio, baseline currently shows n/a.

I'm assuming the best option would be to tweak proposed to remove the 1.0 min flow ratio to match baseline?

Also, Within Air-side HVAC system parameters/properties (Fans Tab)...

my proposed model specifies static in WG (1.0) and Total Eff Frac (.33)
my baseline model specifies Design KW/CFM and Delta T inputs instead.

Should the proposed model match the same supply KW/CFM and Delta T inputs in baseline model? (Instead of modeling Static in WG and Mech Eff).

My concern is that by specifying fan power differently between the two models, the proposed fan power may result in using more energy than the baseline.

Chris Baker
CCI CAD Drafter


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